The analysis of satellite lower troposphere temperature data compared to observatory CO2 concentration data contradicts the IPCC claim that CO2 causes atmospheric warming. Instead, the analysis shows that there is a statistically significant probability that the temperature controls the rate of change of the CO2 concentration. This is supported by the fact that the temperature and the rate of change of CO2 concentration have identical autocorrelation functions and Fourier Transform spectra. These reveal that there is a prominent 42 month cycle for the temperature due to the synodic period of the Sun, Earth, Moon configuration which is expressed in the Earth’s climate as the El Nino event. The same cycle is revealed in the rate of change of CO2 concentration. Furthermore the cycles in these spectra may relate to the orbital cycles of the planets indicating that, at least in terms of years, the orientation of the planets with respect to the Sun may determine the changes in the Earth’s temperature. That is, climate change is the result of the continually changing position of the Moon and the planets relative to the Earth and the Sun and has nothing whatsoever to do with the concentration of CO2 in the atmosphere.

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